Themes emerge in this collection, exemplified by these groupings of Hubbard’s images with a common subject. Peruse these portfolios and galleries to discover and arrange more suites of giclee prints,  black and white enlargements and digital reproductions specially priced when purchased a set. Go to Contact and Acquire for pricing.

Monument Valley

For more than 50 million years, erosion, wind and weather have stripped away the softer strata to reveal the awe-inspiring sandstone buttes and mesas rising from the desert floor that give Monument Valley its name.

Navajo Women at their Looms

“I felt extremely privileged to visit with these women in their homes and photograph then weaving their blankets at their looms at a time Monument Valley was an extremely remote destination.”  —  Elmer A. Hubbard

Navajo Real Estate: Deserted Hogans

The simply constructed Hogan is the traditional iconic dwelling of the Navajo people; deserted, but revered and not forgotten.

Anasazi Real Estate: Ancient Dwellings

Tree-ring dating has these major Anasazi ruins throughout the Navajo Nation emerging as real estate developments in the late 1200s.

Grand Falls

Emanating from springs in the White Mountains in eastern Arizona, the Little Colorado River cuts through narrow rugged gorges along the northern plateau and cascades over Grand Falls, another remote and unsung natural wonder of the Navajo Nation. 

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