This presentation is a largely unseen private collection of photography by Elmer A. Hubbard, an avid outdoors man and semi-professional photographer who lived and worked in Flagstaff, Arizona until his death in 1992 at age 90.

Hubbard’s original hand tinted photographs, vintage black and white prints and images from his 4 x 5 negatives span more than 40 years beginning in 1948, reflecting on an earlier time in Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon and remote landmarks along the Colorado Plateau throughout northern Arizona and southern Utah.

“I started prowling around in these places long before I became interested in photography, but I never really knew what I was seeing until I looked at it all through a view finder.”

Hubbard cultivated his passion for the outdoors in his youth hiking desert foothills, finding comfort in the solitude and learning to appreciate all his surroundings held in store. He grew to savor his favorite places through his photography, his diary of discovery and simple pleasure in the course of doing business or escaping its pressures; losing himself in the open spaces and finding himself in every crag and cranny.

Peruse the albums and galleries from the menu headings. View and enjoy. Read more. Comment. Acquire. Select original hand tinted and vintage black and white photographs, full-color matched giclee fine art prints, tray-processed black and white enlargements and digitally scanned reproductions.

Elmer A. Hubbard and son, David; circa 1952

Elmer A. Hubbard and son, David; circa 1952
presented by
David H. Hubbard
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